Various courses are available as well as translation / subtitling service.

Private Lessons

Online 1-on-1 private lessons are available for individuals who need to improve their pronunciation and listening skills. She thinks building confidence with speaking English and enjoying the process of learning are as important as improving pronunciation and listening skills. She is a great facilitator to empower and motivate clients.

She will understand your struggles because she is an adult learner of English. She has gone through difficult moments in the United States because she had to repeat herself many times and had to ask others to slow down and repeat themselves. From the experience where she had a very think Japanese accent in the past and was able to reduce it to near-native fluency, she will give you specific instructions on how you can improve your pronunciation. She believes anyone can improve his/her pronunciation even after becoming an adult because she herself was able to do it. She will help you achieve your goal.

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8-Week Intensive Courses

Aiko conducts four 8-week intensive courses throughout a year, using Facebook. You watch lesson videos, present your homework in the group, and Aiko gives you specific feedback each week. Also you can ask unlimited questions during the eight weeks. In the group, you will be able to meet classmates who will have a similar goal as yours. “Wanting to work in an English environment.” “I do not have to repeat myself and I do not want to have to ask Americans to slow down when talking.” The first course in 2018 has already started and finishes at the end of Feb. The information about the next course is coming up soon. Meet great people, become motivated, and most importantly, improve your pronunciation and listening skills. This course is intensive. And it’s not named “intensive” for no reason. This course is recommended for only people who have time to learn and practice. In other words, you will learn many techniques very quickly and improve your pronunciation effectively.

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Online Self-Study Video Lessons for Japanese speakers

If you are Japanese and wanting to improve your English pronunciation, you can find an online self-study material for Japanese speakers. Since Aiko was born and raised in Japan and had a hard time in the US because of her thick Japanese accent, she started making online self-study materials to help Japanese people who are going through the same painful moments in an English environment. She explains in Japanese about American English pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, breathing.

Hatsuonkyosei Academy:

Chapter 1: American Rhythm and Breathing:


Translation Service

Aiko has been working as a Japanese subtitler for Hollywood films and television productions. She has experience in doing with English-to-Japanese translation in the medical and technical industries for the past 10 years. She can be contacted for work by clicking here.