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Schwagirl is a community of people, tools and resources where learning English and experiencing American culture can be fun and empowering for English learners. Here you will be able to find a wealth of helpful information for you to learn…

  • English
  • American English pronunciation
  • About American culture

Who can benefit from schwagirl?

  • ESL students, English learners
  • Immigrants in the US
  • Americans living outside the US

I would like to invite guests for interview articles and videos. If you are interested in being my guest, feel free to contact me by clicking here.

Who is Aiko?

Aiko is an American English pronunciation coach who works with English learners. Particularly those that are working and living in an English environment. She was born and raised in Japan and came to the States after she became an adult. She struggled in the US because of her thick Japanese accent. After she learned how important it is to acquire pronunciation and listening skills, she began to study linguistics at UCLA. And now she coaches pronunciation, using her special skill where she is able to visualize the tongue movement and position simply by listening. Private and group lessons are available for individuals who need to improve their pronunciation and listening skills. She is specializing in phonetics, phonology, intonation (prosody), and adult language acquisition (L2 learners).