Happy Valentine’s Day! Lots of love from me~!

When you want to say “love”, do you accidentally pronounce “rub”?

Well, it is a common way to pronounce it among English learners, especially Asians.


Asian people tend to flip L and R.

In this Valentine’s Day special video, you will know how to pronounce “L” properly so that you will be able to say “love” properly when it needs to be pronounced clearly. The tongue touches behind the upper teeth. Make the tongue straight and touch the area. Be sure to have your tongue very relaxed. If the tongue is tense, it will sound between L and R. Remember, “L” with a relaxed tongue and “R” with a tense tongue.


“Valentine” is a hard word for English learners to pronounce because of /v/.

You place your upper teeth gently on your lower lip, but you do not block the air. You create little space between the teeth and the lip and push out the air continuously. If the air stops, it will sound like /b/. Be sure to have very strong air stream and use your diaphragm.

Where you put stress on is very important. The stressed syllable is “Va,” not on “ti.” Be sure to start “Va” very strong when you pronounce “Valentine.”


Repeat after me in the video.


I love you


Happy Valentine’s Day

Be my Valentine


Let me know how it goes. I hope you have a special day on Valentine’s Day!

See you again in another blog post and video.

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