Hey guys! It’s Aiko with schwagirl. I am excited to announce that I just launched http://schwagirl.com/.



So what is “Schwa”? Schwa is one of the most fundamental vowels in American English. I just created a video talking about what schwa is and how to pronounce it. So click here to check it out.

Here you will be able to find useful and helpful information for you to learn English, pronunciation, and about American culture.

Schwagirl focuses on building a community of tools and resources to create an atmosphere in which learning English and experiencing American culture is fun and English learners can be empowered.

Come join and check this website and also subscribe to my YouTube channel.

American English pronunciation coach. Studied linguistics at UCLA. Specializing in phonetics, phonology, intonation, and second language acquisition.

She likes music and Toastmasters. Recently she enjoys playing ukulele and hand bells.